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BOFR Theory & Principles

Theory & Principles of Homeopathy

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BOFR theory & principles

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bach original flower remedies

Dr Edward Bach's philosophy was simple and profound, based on the innate perfection and spiritual nature of human beings. He believed that health and happiness results from being in harmony with our own nature and doing the work for which we are individually suited.

In the late 1920's he had a revelation whilst observing his friends and acquaintances. Similarly to Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of Homeopathy, he recognised the importance of personality in disease. He concluded that each personality type would react to illness in a particular way. He began his research with two plants, Mimulus and Impatiens and prepared these as he had done with his earlier Seven Bach Nosodes, which were oral vaccines based on intestinal bacteria (combining homeopathic principles and conventional medicine). He prescribed them according to his patient's personality, with immediate and successful results.

When he died in 1936 he had developed a complete system of 38 flower remedies and also the famous Rescue® Remedy, each prepared from the flowers of wild plants, trees and bushes. Dr Bach divided the 38 remedies into seven groups representing fundamental conflicts which prevent us from being true to ourselves:

  • Fear
  • Uncertainty
  • Insufficient interest in present circumstances
  • Loneliness
  • Over sensitivity to influences and ideas
  • Despondency or despair
  • Overcare for the welfare of others

The remedies work by treating the individual rather than the disease or its symptoms. Still made at Mount Vernon, the home of Dr Bach, Bach Original Flower Remedies are the only flower essences bearing Edward Bach's signature. Today, these gentle remedies are used world-wide and are sold in over 66 countries.

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