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Terence Stamp Testimonial

Posted on 2015-05-29 09:38:01
Written by SusanneHaar
Terence Stamp Testimonial

Acting is my profession, although privately I consider myself a stroller-player in the tradition of the troupes of performers who travelled the country in the Bard’s time. These days this body is hurled around the planet leaving jet streams across the sky.

Arriving at a location reporting for action with travel lag - often with the body clock in disarray – used to be my lot in life. However a new formula of homeopathic remedy for jet lag is now on sale at Nelsons in Duke Street which even fixes the return flight from Heathrow to LAX.

The alchemist in residence deserves my congratulations. Chapeau (or the Italian equivalent) Liliana Bellini.

Terence Stamp


You can order the Nelsons Jet Lag Remedy by telephone on 020 7079 1288.

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