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OptiBac Probiotics

Research on probiotics shows that different strains have different beneficial effects on the body, and settle in different areas of the gut. OptiBac Probiotics use strains that have been scientifically tested for specific health benefits. This way, you can find the natural probiotic supplement that’s right for you.

Optibac Probiotics For Every Day (Extra Strength) (90 capsule pack)

OptiBac Probiotics Every Day Extra Strength (90 capsule pack) gives you an advanced daily supplement made from high quality natural bacteria that helps maintain digestive health and a strong immune system. Each capsule contains nearly 20 billion live cultures that work to boost your overall health.

Price: £59.99


OptiBac Probiotics For Every Day - 90 Caps

This daily supplement promotes a healthy balance of friendly bacteria throughout the entire intestinal tract. 90 caps pack. 

Price: £32.49


OptiBac Probiotics for those on antibiotics

OptiBac Probiotics For those on antibiotics contains two carefully selected, high quality strains of live microorganisms, which are extensively researched and scientifically proven to reach the gut alive, even during a course of antibiotics.

To be taken during and after antibiotics to maintain healthy levels of friendly bacteria.

Price: £6.35


OptiBac Probiotics for travelling abroad

OptiBac Probiotics For travelling abroad is a supplement providing 4 well-researched strains of live cultures, including Lactobacillus acidophilus Rosell-52 and Saccharomyces boulardii, which have been tested to ensure survival through the stomach acids and bile salts to reach the intestines alive. 

Price: £11.05


Optibac Probiotics for Women 30 Capsules

OptiBac Probiotics For women is a supplement containing two strains of natural bacteria, with more than 30 years of scientific research.   These two strains, Lactobacillus rhamnosus GR-1® and Lactobacillus reuteri RC-14® are proven to survive to reach the intimate flora. 

Price: £18.50


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