Jenna Leigh Raine

Jenna Leigh Raine

Spiritual Healer

I offer a professional clinic room space and clinic. Healing serious illness and issues such as skin to addiction and more. On arriving I will greet you and show you to my office clinic and explain what I can do and assure you in your concerns. 
You will lay on the comfortable remote bed as I mentally scan you from my mind for detail for illness to diagnosis. I have become famed for my method called 'Remapping which is to take the mind before the point where illness began. I will then mentally lock it there. So in doing the illness will remap over sessions. I have been very successful. Beginning many moons ago by helping pets including my own beloved maincoon cat that fell. 
I advice from two to five to long term treatment. I have helped many live years beyond doctors diagnosis.



07534 429056

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