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Do you ever experience runny nose, sneezing, coughing, itchy or watering eyes, or sore throat?

 These could be symptoms of allergic hay fever or allergic rhinitis, a seasonal disorder which can be passed down through families or developed at any time of life. Allergies can be to house dust, grasses, tree pollen or animal hair. These allergies create a histamine release in the body which causes a hypersensitive reaction. Approximately 13 million people* in the UK suffer from this condition, ranging from slight sensitivity to severe symptoms. There are several natural approaches to reducing symptoms including eating ginger and garlic, drinking fenugreek tea and increasing omega 3 intake. Below are some recommended products:

Vogel Eye drops containing Euphrasia (Eyebright) £9.99

As far back as the Middle Ages, the benefits of the plant known as Eyebright were known. For relief of dry irritated eyes, these drops soothe and maintain lubrication of the eyes. A tincture with no preservatives containing euphrasia, hyaluronic acid and sodium chloride. They are suitable for use when wearing contact lenses. 

Puressentiel Hypertonic Nasal Spray £9.99

The Respiratory Hypertonic Nasal Spray is ideal for decongesting the nose. Reduction from the first minutes in congestion and nasal discharge, soothes irritated nasal mucous membrane, hydration and moistening of the nasal cavities. A formula of 100% natural origin:Combination of hypertonic sea water and organic rosemary floral water with 4 essential oils (ravintsara, geranium, eucalyptus radiata, niaouli) for gentle, non-irritant and non-drying action on the nasal mucous membrane. It also contains propolis and echinacea extracts.

Mushrooms 4 Life Reishi Spore £24.99

Mushrooms 4 Life’s organic Reishi Spore mushroom supplement is produced from the highest quality Reishi spores from the Longquan district, the home of Chinese Reishi. Cracked at low temperature to preserve the highest concentration of Reishi triterpenes. It is additive free and suitable for vegans.

Omega3 of Norway 120 capsules £31.00

This is Omega3 in its authentic form. It contains the lowest levels of trans-fatty acids and oxidation values. Almost tasteless and odourless, with smaller, more comfortable to take capsules.


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