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About Organyc

Organyc only uses 100% certified organic cotton whereas conventional pads are often made of synthetic materials such as viscose, rayon, polypropylene and super absorbent polymers. These materials are predominately plastic and ultimately made from our diminishing crude oil resources that cannot biodegrade. Using products which are biodegradable can make such a difference. Organyc has replaced all the synthetic materials with pure organic cotton, which is an excellent high-quality material, soft, comfortable, absorbent by nature (it can hold twenty times its weight in liquid), hypoallergenic and breathable. When you wear organic cotton, the air can pass through the fibres, and you avoid creating an over-humid micro-climate on the skin that can encourage the growth of bacteria, you are usually less sweaty and feel fresher.


Why choose Organyc?

• 100% certified organic cotton cleaned with oxygen peroxide (naturally occurring disinfectant)

• Hypoallergenic composition:no perfumes, no colourants, no synthetic materials, no plastic, no SAP (super absorbent polymers)

• Naturally soft and breathable to help prevent skin irritation, rashes and redness

• High absorbency due to the natural properties of cotton fibres

• Completely biodegradable and compostable products with all outer packaging sourced from renewable or recycled materials.  The wrapping and back-sheet pad layer are made from Mater-Bi®, a biopolymer film derived from corn starch

When it comes to keeping both your body and the environment healthy –  there is no other choice but to go Organyc!