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Aloe Fresh Toothpaste 100ml

New toothpaste, 100% natural origin, suitable to prevent decay, plaque and tartar, reinforces weak gums and prevents bad breath. Subject to a tolerability test and microbiologically tested, this product does not contain fluorine, preservatives, coloring agents or sweeteners, using instead Xylitol that fights the growth of bacteria that form plaque and tooth decay, that come from sweets. This toothpaste is compatible with homeopathic treatments.

Price: £3.90


Meadows Frankincense Essential Oil

This superior north african distilled frankincense oil has an exceptional odour and quality to it.

Price: £10.02


SkinGenius Clarifying Lotion

This citrus scented Treatment Lotion will help you tackle skin problems including oily skin, pimples, spots and acne. The gel-lotion is very easy to use, one pump can be applied directly to the skin.

Price: £19.99


SkinGenius Facial Wash

Inspired by nature the Facial Wash will help you tackle skin troubles including oily skin, pimples, spots and acne.

Price: £17.99


SkinGenius Moisturising Lotion

This is a light easily absorbed moisturiser, which is non comedogenic. This means that it will not block your pores. The blend of natural ingredients is designed to stop surface bacteria from causing spots and to calm inflammation.

Price: £18.99


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