Photo Of Practitioner Suzanne Reid

Suzanne Reid


Herbal Medicine, Food Energetics, Acupuncture & Power Up Bio - Photonics

Suzanne has run a general practice in Traditional Chinese Medicine with herbal medicine, acupuncture and food energetics for over twenty years. She is a Member of the British Acupuncture Council and Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine and as an advocate of integrated medicine is on the NHS List of Approved Acupuncturists. She is a Power Up Bio-photonics practitioner, which uses a gentle, non-invasive muscle-testing protocol developed over 27 years of clinical experience. It integrates proven healing modalities from both Eastern and Western, ancient and modern, medicine.

Her interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine was inspired by her passion for plants and natural medicine.  Her research into acupuncture and herbs and how they can help chronic fatigue, infertility (both male & female), auto immune conditions, depression and stress led to her decision for a complete mid-life career change.

Suzanne furthered her interest in gynaecology into ante and post-natal acupuncture which led to lecturing midwives at St John & St Elizabeth’s Hospital on using acupuncture in childbirth and becoming an accredited Zita West acupuncturist. On completion of a three-year Paediatric Acupuncture Diploma under Julian Scott, she set up the 'Kid’s Holistic Clinic”.

Suzanne undertook a chronic pain internship at the stroke and chronic pain ward at Hangzhou Hospital TCM in China, co-authored a study on irritable bowel syndrome collaborating with leading gastroenterologists and psychologists at the Chelsea & Westminster and St Bartholemew's Hospitals and developed bespoke corporate stress pilot programmes for executives.

Suzanne is on the herbalist team of The Jade Screen Project which support frontline workers in COVID prevention and recovery.