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Photo Of Practitioner Judy

Judy Renucci

BSc (Hons), LCHE, MARH, RHom / Registered Homeopath

Judy is an experienced fully insured homeopath, passionate about looking at all aspects of patients including symptoms, personal and family history and individuality looking for equal commitment from the client throughout the healing process. 

She prescribes multiple remedies where appropriate, looking to address the complexities of our response to modern day life. Anxiety, depression,  hormonal inbalances, chronic disorders, insommnia or physical issues could be the presenting complaint. But physical, mental and emotional balance is the desired outcome, so a wider approach to health is taken to achieve improved well-being and minimise symptoms.  Judy is also a Cranial Sacral practitioner, Vega Testing and Bach flower essence practitioner.

She also practices in Cookham, Berkshire. Consultation available in English, French or Spanish. Consultations face to face, Zoom, Skype, Teams or by phone. :-)

Fees: £110/£75. 10% discount for students.

 07879 624011